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empowerment coaching

Empowerment Coaching is based on the belief that each of us has an inner wisdom, power, and magic that can be accessed and used to create the life we want. blocks from our early childhood, or just cannot seem to live the life we know we deserve, customized coaching may be just what you need.

Dr.Carolyn will help you identify and heal the blocks that are keeping you stuck, and help you harness your inner wisdom and power to build the life of your dreams. With Empowerment Coaching, you can finally break through the barriers that have been holding you back and start living the life you were meant to live.

spiritual self hypnosis

This program acts like a deprogramming device that removes old limiting beliefs and patterns. We call this process the “Emptying of the Cup.” During this phase of 7th Path™, the system works like anti-virus software for the mind, ridding you of all erroneous programming from the past that is getting in the way of your happiness, success and feelings of confidence.

Courses run virtually for a fully immersive experience, Reach out to get on the list for the next round!

corporate wellness

Changing work environments, whether it be in an office, working from home, or a hybrid, have left many employees with challenges they did not have before. Mental health and stress management are crucial in today's workforce.

See if custom training is what your organization needs to show them you care while increasing job satisfaction and productivity.

multi-disciplinary energy work

Looking for a way to restore balance and well-being to your life? A Multi-disciplinary Energy Balancing Session may be just what you need.

Dr. Carolyn uses techniques from Qi Gong to Shamanic Energy work to help release blockages and restore energetic balance to your energetic body. This can help improve your overall health and well-being and may even help resolve longstanding issues or problems.

An Energy Balancing Session is a caring and informative way to improve your sense of balance and peace in life.

usui reiki session

Our Energy healing sessions are a powerful and compassionate way to support your well-being. Using Reiki, the ancient Japanese art of healing and balancing the body’s energy flow, we remove impurities and emotions that have been affecting your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The first session Dr. Carolyn will focus on removing these blockages and restore balance, then subsequent sessions help uphold balance between parts of your being to create a sustainable happier life.

oracle card readings

Oracle card readings are a form of spiritual guidance that can provide you with direction in some areas of your life. The cards can help you to connect with your intuition and to get in touch with the divine. If you feel like you are in need of some guidance or want to explore your spiritual side, an oracle card reading may be the perfect option for you.

You can select a detailed/extended reading which not only provides the guidance, but also the psychological interpretation of the reading. Or, you can schedule a basic reading which is great for answering questions or basic guidance.

Dr. Carolyn will take the time to listen to your concerns and help you to get the most out of your reading.

soul parts retrieval

The Shamanic Soul Parts Retrieval uses the power of shamanic journeying to help you reclaim lost or dissociated soul parts. These parts are typically lost in childhood and can have a traumatic effect on your life. If they're not integrated back into your psyche, they can manifest as depression, anxiety, addictions, self-destructive behaviors, and much more.

During a shamanic soul parts retrieval session, you will journey with Dr. Carolyn to meet with the lost part(s) of your soul. You will then work together to integrate them back into their rightful place in your psyche.

nutrition consult

Are you struggling with getting your nutrition on point? Are you feeling unhealthy and out of control when it comes to food? Are you looking for help and guidance so that you can finally get your nutrition under control and achieve optimal wellness? If so, schedule a nutritional consultation.

I will work with you one-on-one to create a plan that is tailored specifically for your needs. We will help you identify the areas where you need improvement and give you the tools and resources you need to succeed. We want to help you reach your goals and live a healthier, happier life.

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how it helps you

Are You Out of Spiritual Alignment?

Do you feel that something is off?

Do you feel tired or exhausted?

Do you feel nervous and unsettled?

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Have you forgotten or never connected with what Lights You Up?

Does your work or business feel like such an effort?

Do you feel like you are just going through the motions in life?

You're not alone.

Millions of people are feeling this way. It doesn't mean that you're broken or that there's something wrong with you. It just means that you need a change. You need to integrate more spirituality into your life and find what Lights You Up!

Meet Dr. Carolyn

Modern Day Medicine Woman

Dr. Carolyn Snyder is a licensed clinical social worker, has a doctorate in grief psychology, and is the owner of C. Snyder Counseling & Wellness. She is trained in psychology, hypnotherapy, mindfulness meditation, Qi Gong Healing, Shamanic Energy Work, mental health integrative medicine, health coaching, and much more. She firmly believes in the Mind, Body, and Spirit connection and feels that all three areas of oneself must be in balance for happiness and a fulfilling life. In her work with clients, she strives to help them connect with their spirituality and live their life purpose. She believes that when we live authentically and align with our values, we can create an abundant life full of joy and satisfaction.

Dr. Snyder has intuitive knowledge and a passion for helping others develop their own intuitive skills to achieve the life changes they desire and deserve. Having suffered her own personal life challenges, she has spent many years working on her own personal development and spiritual growth. She teaches others to tap into their own intuition to achieve the life changes they desire and deserve. Dr. Snyder truly believes that we all can heal ourselves if we are willing to look within and tap into our inner wisdom and power. Her intuitive skills and teachings have helped many people to create lasting positive changes in their lives.. She is known as a spiritual activator, transformational coach, and inner child healer for those looking to break through their blocks to living a more authentic and abundant life. People she has worked with have gone on to be freed from their prior beliefs and blocks and begin living their best lives when they have utilized these multifaceted approaches.


K. L.

Dr. Carolyn has taught invaluable lessons in healing my inner child. I can finally see the moments when healing is needed the most and work with my inner child to solve all the lingering negative self-talk and anxiety attacks. I spent too many years trying to stuff down all those feelings and never progressing. Now, I have the tools, I have the answers I have been looking for most of my adult life. I am empowered to make the changes I need to release myself from the traps of childhood that play havoc with my present and hinder my future. I can recommend her unfailingly. Her guidance and teaching is a godsend.


M. B.

I have been working with Dr. Carolyn for a few years now; she is incredible! She has this calmness and compassion that I haven't found anywhere else. I feel like I'm being fully seen during our sessions and she not only validates how I feel, but teaches me why, explains the other side, helps me navigate my feelings, and gives me tools to use in the future to help me through similar situations that may arise. She can also adapt to give me exactly what I need during my sessions. Sometimes I need therapy, sometimes I need coaching, sometimes I need spiritual guidance, and sometimes I need hypnosis or energy work. I even get cards pulled. She can do it all, and I'm so grateful! I'm always more than satisfied with my sessions and I look forward to them. Highly recommend!!!



What can I say about Dr Carolyn…. She has been an integral part of some of the most monumental changes in my healing journey over the last year! I mentored with her for 3 months, and I wish it could have gone on forever!! I miss her personally and I miss her therapeutically every week! If you’re thinking about working with her I will say this - stop thinking and do it now! You absolutely will not regret it! Your life will be forever changed for the better by working with her and knowing her .


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